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Since they are so smart and love to play, it’s important to ensure they get both physical and mental exercise daily.
Sometimes the beagle husky mix may have a bit of a stubborn streak from the beagle side, but with bernese mountain dog rescue ny early training and socialization, these dogs are generally quite easy to train.
However, it is important to begin training and socialization as soon as possible. Grooming

The grooming needs of the beagle husky mix will vary, depending on the type of coat they end up with. If they have the longer, heavier coat of a husky, they’ll shed a lot, particularly twice a year when they blow their coat. Dogs with a thicker, longer coat will need to be brushed multiple times per week to control shedding and prevent the formation of mats. If their coat is more like a beagle’s, then brushing their coat just once or twice a week is usually fine portuguese water dog breeders ma.
No matter what type of coat they have, these dogs generally only need to be bathed as needed, since they don’t usually get smelly dog bite injection name and you don’t want to strip pregnant dog panting and breathing heavy their coat of the natural oils that keep it healthy. Ears on the beagle husky mix should be checked weekly and cleaned regularly.
They also need to have their teeth brushed several times when can you feel puppies move in pregnant dog a week to keep them healthy and to prevent bad doggie breath.

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